Saturday, March 21, 2009

Managing My Time

I know that I have not posted in a minute...okay, a month. My time management has gone amuck (did I spell that right?). Graduate school has been a beast this quarter. Next week is the end of the winter quarter and I get 2 week off before the next quarter begins. So, I promise to do a couple of things:
  • get a handle on managing my time better
  • post more often on my blog and blogs that I follow
  • clean-up my email ( I am so behind on those)
  • get back to my exercises in the morning before work
  • clean-up my house (at least make a GOOD stab at it)
  • do more cooking at home

I found out last week that I may possibly be done with graduate school Spring of 2010. You heard me, I will have my Masters in Information Systems one year from now! I am super excited! There are some data-developer and data-management classes that I want to take which will take another year, but I will graduate next Spring! This means that I will be able to start working on my Ph.D. sooner than I had planned!

A co-worker/friend sent me an article 2 weeks ago. It stated that there has been a study done that resultd in women increasing their chances of living longer if they have an optimistic view on life, Check out what it said about African American women, "These differences were more extreme in black women: optimists had a 44 percent lower risk of cancer-related death and cynically hostile women had a 142 percent higher risk of cancer death." More study needed to be done, but thus far I am elated on the results.

My MISM and Ph.D. will not just be a quiet accomplishment of personal satisfaction, but can assist me in making my mark on this earth, in this life.

Well that is all for now. I have got to finish my two final projects, online final, and study for my statistics final.

Next post will be the late evening of Thursday, March 26.

peace&blessings ~robinC


NubianLockedPrincess said...

LOL! Your life sounds alot like mine! I have trying so hard to manage my time. Especially house work and exercise.

Your locs are growing beautifully! I know how you feel. If it were not for the increasing compliments and the money and time I spent on my locs, I would have took them down along time ago!There is a sisterloc sista at my church. I always admire her locs. Her locs are micro to small. She says she loves mine because mine are larger, medium to large. her hair texture is tightly coiled and looks perfect. Mine is loose. People ask if I have twt or braid extensions.I had to accept that my locs will not look like someone with a tight curled texture or a person with traditional locs.( which I love!) My locs are not what I expected them to be, when I first got locked. But I`am learning to embrace what makes me a unique individual. We are our worst critic!

robinc3 said...

Hey Nubian! I never did crochet that hat. Oh well, I will have it for the next winter season. I may get to it during the next 2 weeks before school starts...I doubt it. I have other items on the to-do-list that take priority at the moment.

Thanks for your compliment on my locks.I too realize that my locks are not going to look like some of the others that I admire. There are a few people at my church that have beautiful locks. I started with tst, followed with and continuing interlocking with the nappylocks tool. I have a loose curl pattern, aka, soft hair. I will be 1 year locked April 19th,YEAH! And looking forward to many more. We just need to be patient. As our locks mature, we are going to be turning more heads than we are now with our BEAUTIFUL manes of lock glory!


NubianLockedPrincess said...

Robin, your locs will be one yr a day after my birthday! April 18.

Yeah,in three year mark our locs will be hanging and swinging! LOL!!!

Afrolady said...

I love your blog. Your whit and honesty are quite charming. When I went natural, I constantly compared my hair to everyone elses. Then I had a revelation one day; I realized that I had been playing the comparison game all my life which led me to make some pretty DUMB decisions with my hair over the years (relaxers, weaves, colors, etc - you name it, I've done it). I can truly say that my locs are strickly for me. I pet over them, count them, stroke them, and feed them. They are a statement that I have chosen to make and I am glad that they are uniquely mine.

Your hair is fabulous. I'm excited that you found someone to help you manage and maintain your crowning glory.